Under 12 & Epileptic



Epilepsy is an unpredictable and isolating disorder

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder causing the brain to have sudden bursts of electrical activity - this leads to what we know as seizures, an unpredictable, possibly life threatening and sometimes seemingly invisible impulse that can happen anytime - anywhere.

Families raising epileptic children has so much in their life that is out of their control and the constant worry that something might happen is tearing them apart and isolating them from having a functional everyday life.

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What people see



What people don’t see



Social isolation





Poor body control

Loss of senses



I don’t sleep much anymore and I’m constantly worrying that something will happen when I don’t pay attention. we don’t often leave the house because of it.

- Mother -


 The challenge

How might we assist epileptic children and their families to find balance and understanding throughout daily life?

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Step one

Collect data

Continuously reading brain activity is vital in understanding when and if a seizure will happen - as well as the severity and characteristics of the attack. This wearable high precision EEG patch is placed on the scalp above the affected area of the brain - providing accurate results equal to hospital equipment compared to other devices claiming that pulse or heart rate measurements can predict seizures, which is not true.


Make it

Brain activity data is overwhelming. Turning it into something useful and understandable is key in making the child and their close ones part of the disorder - a first step in giving confidence back and avoiding social isolation.

Using the same data presented in two completely different ways enables the hole family to stay involved and feel confident.

step two


Step three

Reflect together

Communication is key in making families with Epilepsy find balance. By providing a system that works as a conversation starter challenges and feelings becomes transparent. Helping everyone to overcome the fear of the unknown.

Please have a look at the final result in the video!


“A child with Epilepsy has so much in their life that is out of their control. Play gives them the opportunity take back ownership of their life and explore their own feelings and reactions to their condition”

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Meet Eppi

Someone just like you

Eppi is directly mirroring the brain activity data collected from the patch through emotional eye expressions, sounds and vibrations, encouraging the child to reflect on what is happening and what Eppi needs.
As they get to know each other the child will be able to link Eppi’s feeling and reactions to it’s own.

Together they grow and over time Eppi’s communication advances by combining different expressions into unique flows - creating unique personalities for each buddy.

See how I explored expressions together with children here

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The App

Numbers don’t say

The app is providing the parent with a comparative diary over their child’s seizures. It divides the collected activity into day and night and visualised them through abstract shapes. The more spikes - the more seizures - the more caution the parent should take regarding activities or the mood of their child.

Unlike other apps, this offers the necessary data without overcomplicating something that just makes everyone more nervous, numbers.

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Epilepsy is giving not only the child but also siblings and friends the chan ce to take part in the diagnose - avoiding the stigmatisation they experience today.



A project made together with experts in the field: the children, parents, paediatricians, neurologists, epilepsy nurses and everyone else that cares about the topic

Read the full report here

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A brief image summary of the project methods and highlights

This is a project I hold very dear to my heart, not only because of the result but because of all the passionate and caring people I have met and talked to along the way. And what was important to me was that I kept these conversation ongoing throughout the different phases to make sure I develop a system that actually help on an emotional level, not only looks good or are using the latest trending technology.

There has been many workshops, evaluation rounds, sketches and prototypes as well as sleepless nights thinking of the best system to cover all the aspects of living with epilepsy. In the end it could not have been possible without embracing a multidisciplinary approach - let’s face it, we are all experts in our field regardless of age, education or experience.

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As i said, this is just a short summary.