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My love for visuals

A collection of graphics

In a family filled with creative people and a childhood where I could spend hours on creating the perfect painting, my love for beautiful graphics and illustrations was born. This is still a passion of mine, and soothes my soul. As designer I use my visual skills to communicate clearly, beautifully and interestingly, whether it is physically or digitally.

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200+ Pictogram collection

200+ is a collection of pictograms I designed for my personal use. This has been, and still is, a working document evolving as i work with new projects and need new icons. I felt the need to develop my own style and icon language since presentation and graphic is a big part of what I like to do.

Memory game_top view.jpg


Emotional Memory

This set of minimalistic, emotional cards were created for the purpose of a study focusing on interactive toys and its emotional expressions. I saw a second educational purpose for these cards, a memory game. The game is encouraging young children to learn and interpret emotions, a crucial part when developing social skills.



Sushi Poster

Inspired by my time working in Japan and the weekly sushi dishes.


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